VIDEO: Amaiya Zafar, 16-Year-Old Muslim Boxer, Fights to Wear Her Hijab in the Ring

USA Boxing refuses, says "extra clothing" constitutes a safety risk


Personally, I don’t understand the appeal of a sport that revolves around punching, and being punched, in the face. That said, my favorite sport involves people pelting me with hunks of rubber at 90 miles per hour, so who am I to judge?

Amaiya Zafar is 16 years old and a skilled boxer, but also a Muslim who’s religion requires modesty about her body. She has asked that she be permitted to box wearing a hijab, tights, and a long-sleeved shirt, but so far USA Boxing officials have refused her request, citing the “safety risk” associated with “unnecessary clothing.”

Of course, the question of what clothing is “necessary” is a subjective one, and one¬†can’t help noticing that female boxers already wear¬†significantly more clothing than their male counterparts. If a boxer wishes to add some simple cloth garments for religious reasons, it seems to me USA Boxing should be more understanding. Sports, after all, are for everyone.

Linked video from Amaiya’s YouTube page