Maybe you want to run your first marathon, or your twenty-first. Maybe you’re looking to join New York City’s vibrant running community by finishing your first 5K, or you just want to get off the couch and lose some weight. Or maybe you already know what you’re doing, but you just want some company on those long, lonely miles. No matter what, Rewrite Fitness can help!

A running coach can help with:

  • Training plans for upcoming races
  • Pacing to keep you company (and keep you safe) on your long runs
  • In-person coaching to improve your form and turnover
  • Motivation and advice to stay with your program


Tailored to your goals and your schedule, a monthly training plan works with your schedule to get you where you want to go. You’ll be guided through day-by-day instructions for cardio, strength, and flexibility training, as well as general nutrition guidelines.

All training plans include weekly check-ins and monthly reassessments, to see how your training is progressing and so we can make any adjustments, and your trainer is always just a call, text, or email away if you need advice or motivation.


The gym can be an intimidating place for newbies and experienced lifters alike. Many of us know the basics of strength training: You pick things up, and you put them down. But you may not know the right workout for your specific goals. Are you looking to burn fat and add muscle? To get swole? To prepare for beach and wedding season? Or do you just want to stay strong enough to keep up with your kids?

Your trainer can guide you through the proper form to ensure you stay healthy and on track for your goals, and design a workout that will keep you interested and excited to hit the gym. We can work out at your home or work, at a park, at a gym of your choosing, or we can set up a gym date and your first meeting is always free!