Mother Jones has been cataloging Donald Trump’s many business scams in an incredibly lengthy series they call the Trump Files. Today, we learned that Trump (man of “astonishingly excellent” health) at one point offered a weight loss scam with his name on it.

The “Trump Network,” as it was known (though Trump, as usual, had no ownership stake but instead licensed out his name and image, and recorded endorsement videos) was a multi-level marketing program (AKA a pyramid scheme) that promoted various products including vitamin supplements “customized” to the consumer based on a urine test, alternative snacks for children, and the “Silhouette Solution,” a shake-based weight loss program that promised to leave the user “slimmer, happier, and healthier than you have been in years.”

According to Mother Jones, a starter kit containing the Trump diet products cost (wait for it) $1,325.

The FTC reportedly received a great many complaints from Trump Network customers claiming the program exploited them–particularly egregious when you consider that the program’s literature portrayed it as a good way for people to support their families during the Great Recession–but never took action against the company.

And here I thought Trump’s preferred means of helping someone lose weight was standing behind them and forcing them to exercise in front of news cameras.