Frequently Asked Questions

Where do training sessions take place?

That’s entirely up to you. As an independent personal trainer, I will travel to train you wherever you like: Your home, your gym, a park, or anywhere else. If you don’t have a gym, I can arrange to use one convenient to you (additional charges may apply). I can recommend locations for outdoor running–Central Park, Prospect Park, and the West Side Highway are all popular choices. I am based in New York City, and mainly train clients in and near Manhattan.

What if I live far from New York City?

Get in touch and we’ll figure out how hard it is for me to get to you. There is an added charge if my travel time is excessive, but we can avoid that if we meet somewhere in the middle, or if you have a way to get me to you faster than the subway.

What is the in-person training process for a new client?

The first step is to talk by phone, so we can get to know each other a little and you can decide if I’m the right trainer for you. We’ll discuss your interests and fitness goals, your schedule and what equipment you can access, your past experiences (it’s important that I know what you enjoy, and what bores you) and any medical concerns. We may cover some of that at our assessment meeting, a 30-60 minute conversation that will not involve any working out or training aside from a few movements so I can see your form–we can do this in person, or by video chat. After the phone call and assessment, if you decide we’re a good fit, we can set up a training plan and schedule time together based on the approach that’s best for your goals, schedule, and budget.

What is the process for online remote training for clients outside NYC?

This process looks a little different, only in that we won’t meet in person. Our assessment will probably be by video chat (I can Skype, Google chat, Facetime, and probably whatever new technology came out two minutes ago) and a lot of our communication will be online. You’ll have to do more of your workouts solo–although I’m happy to be present by video chat if you’d like company, guidance, and encouragement. Isn’t the future great?

How long does it take to get started training?

In general, we can start right away. Assuming you have no health concerns, and schedules permit, we could possibly do a one-hour session immediately following your assessment. If your assessment turns up any health concerns (like recent surgeries or disorders, high blood pressure or resting heart rate, pain or injury, etc) I won’t train you until you have a doctor’s permission, so you can speed the process by getting that in advance if appropriate. We’ll discuss all this before you commit to training with me. Monthly training plans generally take a day or so to prepare.

I have a medical condition, or I'm taking medication. What should I ask my doctor?

The important question to ask is “What restrictions do I have on fitness training?” If you ask that question before you even talk to me, everything will go much faster. There are very real dangers in fitness training, and the last thing I want to do is harm you–however, you’ll probably be surprised how much you still can do to improve your fitness, even if you have a condition that limits your abilities. I can work to develop a plan that respects your doctor’s guidelines, and with your permission, I’m happy to speak directly with your doctor.

What discounts do you offer?

I offer a lot of seasonal and time-limited promotions, and you should follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on those. In addition, I offer special pricing for veterans, some nonprofit employees, creatives (artists, writers, musicians, etc) and some college students. To learn more, and to find out whether you qualify, contact me directly.

I am LGBTQ, and have some concerns about finding the right trainer.

I know that, like many other aspects of life, personal training choices are affected by being LGBTQ–will your trainer be respectful? With they be comfortable? Will they understand your specific fitness goals? As a proud member of the LGBTQ community myself, I promise that I am more than comfortable–and it’s important to me that I make you feel respected and comfortable as well.